FIRST Robotics World Championships Day 1

Team 580 earned a Wild Card from the 2018 Ventura Regional March 29-31. Our team spent the two weeks prior to the Championships getting a crate built for the robot to be shipped in, along with tools and equipment needed to work on the robot while in Houston and airfare, lodging, transportation and food! Thank you to Campbell Hall, FedEx, Shipping Pals for your help & support to get our team & robot to Houston.

Our four drive team members, Captain Maddy R. ’18, Driver Justin G. ’18, Programmer Ethan M. ’18 and Human Player Ian W. ’20 along with Mentors Pete & Angie & faculty chaperone Jan, set off for Houston Late Tuesday afternoon April 17, arriving in Houston late and of course there was the mandatory midnight Pizza dinner when the team arrived at the hotel. We were also joined by Ari B., an alum from another team who helped our programmers throughout our season, who flew himself out to Houston to continue to help the team.

The 4-member drive team arrived at George Brown Convention Center, in downtown Houston, Wednesday morning, along with 400 other teams, where most teams averaged 20 to 40 members. Our robot & tools were delivered to our pit and the team and mentors spent the day setting up the pit and getting our robot ready to go.


Thank you FedEx for your support of FIRST Robotics and getting our robot to Houston on time! Also, thank you to shipping pals for getting our tools to Houston on time too! Thank you Campbell Hall for supporting Viking Robotics Team 580 and getting us to Houston! Thank you Ari for joining us in Houston and helping our team!

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