FIRST Robotics World Championships Day 2

The action started early for Team 580 on Day 2, as they were in Qualification Match 2 @ 8:37 Thursday morning. Our alliance members were Rookie Team 6832 Robotrojans STEAMex from Mexico & Team 1378 Hilo Viking Robotics from Hawaii. All the teams were excited to be here, but knew that this first match would be a tough one. Team 580 missed placing a cube during autonomous, but did place 2 more cubes during teleop and attempted a climb but didn’t reach the correct height. Our alliance lost 198 to 466, the whole team hoping that this was not going to be the norm here in Houston.

Our second match Q15 at 10:08 with team 1690 Orbit from Israel and 4501 The Humans from Santa Monica had a much better result, with our alliance winning 401 to 201. Team 580 successfully placed a cube on the switch and 8 cubes in the vault. Team 1690 was planning on doing the climb in the last part of the match, but got stuck, so Team 580 driver Justin G. ‘18, helped by pushing them, but they still weren’t able to attach their climbing mechanism so Team 580 attempted to climb yet ran out of time again. The team was happy to take their first win putting them in 39th place.

The third match Q30 was Team 580’s best match. The strategized with their alliance teams to attach the buddy bars that were built by team member Ian W. ‘20, after the LA Regional but had yet to be used in a competition successfully. The team only attaches the buddy bars if another team wants to try to climb on the bars because they do make the robot top heavy. Our team was aligned with 1622 Team Spyder out of San Diego and 5987 Galaxia from Israel. The plan was for team 580 to focus on as many cubes in the vault and then climb. Team 1622 would attempt to climb by attaching to our buddy bar, and they did, making this our first successful buddy bar climb. Our alliance won this match with one of the highest scores of our division of 505 to 253 earning 4 Ranking points. The team was really excited about the win and our new 18th rank, but more so about the buddy bars!

Team 580 Buddy Bars in Action

The last qualification match of the day for Team 580 was with Team 5803 – Apex Robotics from Seattle and Team 4265 – Secret City Wildbots from Tennessee. Team 580 placed a cube on the switch and 8 cubes in the vault and our team mates successfully did a dual climb winning the match with another high score of 496 to 200, putting team 580 in 6th place. After several other matches played Team 580 ended the day in 4th place to start day 3.

The team enjoying Silent Disco with other teams from around the world.

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